Western North Carolina Conference
The United Methodist Church


​In fulfilling our purpose, The BH/SH provides an opportunity for both clergy (who are beneficiary members) and laity (who are honorary members) to demonstrate in a tangible way our sense of collegiality and connectedness.

About Us

By means of this financial assistance we make available funds to meet immediate needs such as funeral expenses, medical bills, relocation, or any other costs of the family.

Through membership in The BH/SH we not only demonstrate love and appreciation for colleagues in ministry, we also ensure that our own loved ones will receive care.

We are an organization that seeks to be a tangible expression of covenant, connection and comparison. We do this by providing immediate financial assistance to the family of a deceased clergy member of The Brotherhood/Sisterhood (BH/SH), and at the same time giving assurance to the family of our continuing love for them and our interest in their welfare.

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