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Western North Carolina Conference
The United Methodist Church


Please consider a gift in memory of a beloved pastor who has passed on, or in honor of a minister still in service.  Each gift honors that recipient and provides a tangible expresson of love and appreciation for a clergy family who are part of our WNCC United Methodist Church family.

  • Roland T. Barnhardt, Executive Director
  • Robbie Carr, Administrative Assistant
  • Jatana Royster, Director of Laity

In addition, please encourage and support your own clergy's enrollment in the WNCC Brotherhood/Sisterhood.

Your response as a lay person, along with many others, has made this a vital ministry for over 100 years.  Just since 1996, The BH/SH has given more than $2.2 million to the families of deceased ministers.  Our thanks to you!


Lay people have often asked how they might help the family when death comes to a pastor in our annual conference who is a member of The Brotherhood/Sisterhood (BH/SH).

Thanks to concerned clergy and laity, a fund was established over a century ago to assist families at the death of the pastor, spouse, parent, breadwinner.

Immediately upon notification of death, The BH/SH issues a check in the amount of the current benefit, made to the surviving spouse or a designated beneficiary.  If there is no designated beneficiary, the check is issued to the estate of the deceased. These funds, which are a non-taxable gift, may be used for any purpose, such as medical bills, funeral expenses, or the relocation of the family from the church-owned parsonage.  It is a tangible way to say "thank you" and to share love with clergy.