How Does The BH/SH Conduct this Ministry

As soon as possible, and often before the funeral service, the check is delivered to the family by a representative of The BH/SH, who explains to the family that it is a non-taxable gift from clergy colleagues and concerned laity.

Clergy members of the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church may become beneficiary members of The BH/SH by making application and payment of a $10.00 registration fee, provided that, if the applicant became a member of the annual conference after having reached his/her 35th birthday, the applicant will be required to give a non-interest-bearing promissory note for all assessments levied by the association since the applicant's 35th birthday.  The promissory note may be repaid at any time, but if it is unpaid, the balance will be deducted from the death-benefit check.

Qualifications for Membership

How Do Members of The BH/SH Respond to this Ministry?

When The BH/SH receives notice of the death of a clergy member, a card is mailed to all members giving the name of the deceased and a short biographical sketch.  The card indicates the number of this "call" and the amount to be contributed, which is $15 for clergy.  (Laity members contribute $6 or more per call)​.

Contributions can be made in several ways:

  1. Send a check or pay online for each notice received;

  2. Collect several notices and send in one check or pay online for the total amount; or

  3. Make an annual contribution of $210.  This is based on an average of 14 calls per year.  If there are additional calls, you would also make contributions for them.

On receiving word that a BH/SH clergy member has died, we immediately issue a check in the amount of the current benefit, which is $10,000, less any unpaid assessment or promissory notes.  The check is made payable to the surviving spouse or the designated beneficiary, or the estate if there is no spouse or designated beneficiary.


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