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Western North Carolina Conference
The United Methodist Church


"Receiving the check at that time as for us receiving a gift of love, concern, and support from friends and colleagues in ministry, and from the many laity who have become supporters of The Brotherhood/Sisterhood."

-James L. Pyatt

I cannot tell you how touched we were that you drove here from Belmont to deliver in person that wonderful check to me.  I'm still flabbergasted at the huge amount - I truly, truly appreciate it, much more than I can express.  The support of Conference cohorts has been tremendous, and I specially thank you for your help.

-Doris McNeely

"Thank you so much for your personal attention to us during the time of my father's death and funeral.  It meant a lot that you personally  brought The Brotherhood/Sisterhood money for our mom.  This was a great help in time of need."

-The family of Ivan Stephens

There is no way to let you know what the gift from the Brotherhood/Sisterhood meant to me.  It's not just the money - the timeliness of the gift and the love and consideration that came with it brought comfort from Fletcher's peers that I shall never forget.  I certainly want to be a part of this effort in the future so that I may impart this feeling to others. Thank you so much for your part in this.

-Joan W. Andrews